Welcome Aboard

     It's been over nine months since we threw names into the hat for a Western Oregon University sponsored trip to China. In the next three weeks five faculty will be traveling in China and giving presentations at a variety of universities. The passports and visas are secured. Emails are flying across campus and the Pacific as each checks their lists, polishes their presentations, gathers their gifts and contemplates the adventure. In a week we'll be looking down at the western side of the Pacific Ocean ready and eager to meet our hosts and experience their country.

     It is in a great sense of appreciation and humility that I accept this opportunity. As I stumble through my preparation for my presentations, I feel an even greater sense of appreciation for those who routinely make these preparations and a deeper humility regarding my talents next to theirs. The university is taking a forward step to invite international students to our university, to provide them with a quality education and comfortable living arrangements, and to integrate them back into their homelands. It is a step that will hopefully continue with careful discernment for fair treatment of students, faculty and staff as well as growth for the university. Thank-you to all who are making this possible; students, faculty, staff and administration.

     In an ideal world there will be regular additions at this cyber location regarding our adventures in China. In an ideal world it will be compelling enough for you to return and follow the adventure. In the real world, we may find the adventure consuming the time we would use to tell our stories, so additions may be sporadic. Whatever route you choose, I hope you find your moments here worthwhile.

     Below are pictures of the three faculty who are traveling together and arriving in Beijing on Monday September 3. Hopefully this will be an aid for our hosts who will meet us at the airport. The faculty are first, Mary Bucy; then Emily Plec; and finally Denvy Saxowsky.


Updated August 25, 2007
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