Asia's Largest Ocean Park

     Today we wrapped things up in a Bavarian barbecue joint.

Showing the Sea Life

     Our purpose today was vague so with the guidance of our guide we attended the Ocean Park. In part, because Mary and I both enjoy wildlife and the process of displaying it well. In part, because our guide has connections and is very proud of this part of Dalian. His mother is the COE or president and has worked for the park for 25 years. We gather that she may be highly responsible for its development.

     This park is a combination of Disneyland, Sea World and the Oregon Aquarium. Denvy threw some darts (amazingly close to the center of a spinning disc), Mary walked (mostly fell) on water (we think she does anyhow) in a big trasparent plastic bubble. She also coveted the ride in a sling down a very long cable across the bay. We watched shows, examined exhibits, played with turtles and waited for the day to pass.

     After the park we were given several options for the next step and we chose a view of Walmart. While this super Walmart is different because of the different food products, much was the same in essense. The biggest observation was that it was underground and there was no visual signs aboveground.

     Supper was a college hangout, Bavarian imitation with moderately representative costumes. Almost all other meals have been in private dining rooms, but this was big, loud, busy, international in favor and a great treat. The service was buffet with many different waiters coming to the table and cutting off a small slice of about 8 different meats from lamb to chicken to beef to duck to shrimp to hot bananas to pork and tongue.

     Good night.

Updated August 25, 2007
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