We're Home - Almost

     Yulin and Xiaojie met us at the hotel minutes before nine as scheduled. She figured that since we may be going back to America with less than capacity luggage (she weighed our spare bags at her home) that we could take some of her books and supplies back with us. Especially because she's only about a week behind us. So she bought a large inexpensive, sort of a one-time use bag, to put my bag into that along with her extras. She joined us up to the weighing in of the bags where she took some from one bag and places it in another until all four bags were at capacity. Ingenious!

     Check-in to the plane was problem free and at twelve noon we were on board headed to America with 233 of our dearest and best friends. We shared meals with them. We passed in the aisles with them. We even shared a medical emergency with one. Fortunately there were several medical personnel on board. They took his vitals, gave him oxygen, laid him on the floor and started an IV. All just two rows in front of me. And then when we landed about an hour and a half later we waited until the medics took him off the plane. He looked pretty mobile to me.

     In San Francisco we breezed through customs and rechecking our bags into the last domestic flight. Emily was there minutes before us and we exchanged some exciting stories, especially about food. We should be landing in Portland in about an hour.

     This series of thoughts as we traveled in China is hardly more than a technical report of our thoughts, adventures and impressions. The impressions will take some time to solidify and become a complete package to be shared. Perhaps with time more impressions can be posted here, or if you meet us personally and express interest we might be able put our observations into words. Discretion also advises me to not make all thoughts public.

Updated August 25, 2007
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