Sunday - The plane ride

     Routine and uneventful would adequately describe the drive to the airport and the flight to San Francisco. No flight as long as the twelve and a half hour flight from SFO to PEK (now known as Beijing) should be called routine. The length in itself and the exposure to four consecutive movie is enough to falsify that adjective.

     A fish doesn't need to adjust to the water or learn to swim, so becoming more exposed to the Eastern culture would not be as noticeable to some. While living with the Chinese students from Western for over a year now, and the international golobal media, have helped prepare me for some changes it was a joy to feel the impact of more Chinese in the plane around me. They continued to jump off the monitor and the pages of books and become full dimensional influence on my perspective. Instructions from the flight attendants were in both English and Chinese. The movies were subtitled with Chinese but amusingly enough the second audio channel was German. Even when the second meal was served an hour our of Beijing, one entree was chicken and nive fat long noodle like the one made for Gail's birthday.

     The plane was not crowded and so there wer empty seats among the passengers making life quite bearable. The three of us were seated beside each other. So we intersperted conversation, sleeping and reading. Mary had the window seat and so she told me after landing that she and Emily had seen the Great Wall from the plane just before the smog rolled in and the plane landed. Blend that with the airport filled with Chinese pictographs and people appearing Chinese and speaking in a language beyond our understanding and we knew we were in China.

     We left Portland at 7:30AM and arrived at about 11:20PM in Beijing. Now remember with a time change that means we arrived at about 2:20PM on Monday. Having changed my watch by this time, I would say it's only fair to move on to the next day.

Updated August 25, 2007
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