Traveling to Shenyang and Anshan

     We had a chance to rest a bit later this morning as our ride was not going to come until 9:00AM. Of course, we had a brief email access to the Internet at Philo's office, we had to pack and the driver came early. So again we awoke on the run.

     The location of CAFA is truly convenient to the airport as we arrived very quickly. Getting through the checking is routine and Mary and I sat and exchanged some presentation notes for about an hour. Yulin took Emily to her gate, and we're on our way.

     The flight was almost as brief as the drive to the airport, a mere 60 minutes. After grabbing our bags we met Robin from Anshan Normal University and a young lady from Shenyang Normal University. The drive to Anshan was filled with speeding and weaving and honking of the horn. Fortunately we had a professional driver. At the entrance to the university on the southeast side of town there was a large banner which welcome the guests from Western Oregon University. The campus is large with about 20,000 students. One scene included frist year students in camouflage fatigues doing some basic training.

     The international exchange building was on the far corner of the campus. The building included offices, rooms for international instructors, classrooms and rooms for international students. These students seem to correspond to ESL in America, students who are studying Chinese so they can enter a Chinese university. The room where I'm staying is actually a suite of some five rooms with a kitchen, bath room, sitting room, bedroom and foyer. I'm also guessing, at this once, that I'm the first person to use many of these facilities as there is plastic on the shelves in the refrigerator, and a price tag on the handle of the wok. And there's an Internet connection.

     Yebing Feng picked me up at 5:20PM along with another student who graduated from WOU this past year (music major, David by name, jazz composer and guitarist). She took us to a very grand restaurant with a private room and tons of great food. Yebing's husband and daughter were there along with another couple who were friends and who had a young restless son. The daughter, Jenny asked to sit by me. She is six, speaks very good English; and we had a wonderful time. The husbands both seemed to be directors in the Anshan city government. He seemed to know everything including excellent English and helped interpret for Yebing sometimes.

     Back at the room at the early hour of 9:00PM I was excited to get to work on this website and my presentation but my body was exhausted and so I crawled onto a hugh very firm bed and fell quickly to sleep.

Updated September 9, 2007
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