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Plans are Evolving - We're Headed to China
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     Thank-you for joining us on this journey and "big adventure." It is our intent to use this space to share this adventure with each of you, with information, stories and photos. We hope this will first be entertaining and enjoyable, possibly informative and hopefully not painful.
     During the months leading up to our departure we will make infrequent entries in this space. While in China we will attempt to make daily entries depending our time and the availability and functionality of the Internet. Starting in late August if you check once a week you may get the gist of the "goings-on".

A note about the earthquake in China:
     There are about two hundred Chinese students at Western Oregon University. Denvy works directly with about twenty but through friendships we know several more. They are more than students and we more than instructors. They are friends, dear friends in some cases, and many call us Baba and Mama.
     None that we know personally have any connections with families in the earthquake area but we've heard that a several at the university do have families in that area and have not heard details from them. The Chinese Club on campus has raised a great deal of money to send to the Red Cross to help the children in the stricken areas.
     We will be about 600 miles from the earthquake epicenter and expect to see no damage where we will be living. It is in the back of our minds to visit the earthquake area if possible.

     Enjoy the journey! You may email us at and we will not feel so far away.

We would love to hear from you; your comments, your questions and your suggestions. For security purposes we ask that you send us an email at and we will post the messages