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Next and finally are the visas and tickets
(May 30, 2008) (return to Homepage)
      In just three months we will either be just about to travel to China, enroute or in China. By then we'll know who's the best athletes in the world and whether the Olympics in China were a success. We'll know who ran well and who cheated; we'll know what the broadcasting industry thinks is important and who's facing whom to become the next US president.
      We haven't written much yet because from the outside not much is happening. The contracts are signed, the physicals are complete and we are healthy, and we are waiting. The approval of the visas is somewhere far away and far from our hands. We're looking for tickets to fly to Nanchang. There's a great disparity in prices. For example, to Nanchang round-trip through Beijing is about $1900. To Shanghai, it's about $1000, but there are no tickets. Today's quote is under $1200 to Shanghai through Vancouver, Canada.

A note about Chinese time:
If you're curious about the time zones in China, first understand that all of China, despite the fact that China is about the size of the United States, has only one time zone. Remember also that they are just about on the "other side of the world" and so day here is night there and visa versa. Because the United States does have different time zones, the actual time difference from our homes to China will vary. Marc and Tina on the east coast have the easiest difference to remember: China is exactly 12 hours earlier. For those of us on the west coast we add three hours and then skip to the other half of the day. So six AM will be 9PM in China and six in the evening will be nine in the morning the next day. For those of you in the Midwest, add one hour and switch to the other side of the day, so 6:00AM is 7:00PM (same day) in China and 6:00PM in North Dakota is 7:00AM in China.
                                        The date and time is Nanchang is

     While we wait we are sharing a couple months with Weiwei's mother by traveling to Seattle and San Francisco and around. It has been great fun, especially seeing her enjoy the farm and driving the tractor.

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