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It's True - We Are Really Headed to China
(August 7, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     Twenty days and counting until we board the plane and temporarily close one door and swing open another. Tears are welling up and travel bags are laid out and filling. To do lists and lists of things to take are monitored daily. Finally this trip is very real.
     China is everywhere these days for all of us as the Olympics dominate the news. We will, like you, if you check our schedule watch the Olympics on TV from our Oregon home. We will miss the thrill of the sounds, the smells, the energy of the crowds and athletes but I recommend we meet at the Olympics in Canada in the near future.
     Every day we see a new side of China. Some views are grand, some disturbing. It reminds me of America, but it's different things that are grand and disturbing. A report that connected the values of Christianity to successful business practices
was a revelation to us and a argument to the Communist Party to support Christianity. A new twist on religion.

A note about Chinese Valentine's Day :
Chinese Valentine's Day, called qi xi, occurs on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. That translates to today, August 7, in 2008. The day comes from a story, a myth, about a love between a cowboy and the seventh and most beautiful daughter of the Emperor. The details of the story vary but the theme remains the same. The couple were placed on the start Altair and Vega and separated by the Milky Way. On the seventh day of the seventh month the seventh daughter of the Emperor is allowed to see her husband, the cowboy and their two children. All the magpies of the world fly to make a bridge across the chasm, the Milky Way.
Unlike the American Valentine's Day, which the Chinese also celebrate on February 14, there is little card giving or exchange of romantic gifts.

Happy Valentines Day.

     We're packing and wrapping things up, so the next step in down the gangway and onto the plane. Things should get more exciting as we step into another world filled with misconceptions and void of understanding.

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