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We are Here
(August 28, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     The tarmack was wet in Nanchang but it was more of a mist than a rain. The sky was definitely overcast. The walk was short and the luggage quick and we could see Yiqi waving like a wild lady. She is so awesome. Kan was there waving also. With Yiqi and Kan were Joanna (Quan Hong) our official contact at the university, her supervisor and Kan's supervisor.
    The drive in two cars was short, freeway all the way. We packed our bags to the fourth floor directly above Kan, whose office is on the first floor, and Joanna, whose office is on the second office. We were joined by Joy for another classic Chinese meal. Awesome. We met with Luanne and Sandy (more on them later) to discuss schedules and classes, but it hadn't been decided what classes or where we would teach yet. They gave us some books anyhow. Maybe at the other campus. Maybe at 8:00AM Monday at the other campus. There didn't seem to be an American urgency to plan ahead.
    Gail rested as Kan showed me the places to eat and the hospital. I hope there's no connection. By the time we had returned to the apartment, the allocated electricity had expired and the office to buy more electricity was closed. So we napped until later when Tim walked us over to the electricity office. Satisfied with food and electricity we settled in by unpacking, connecting computers, and turning on air-conditioners and the television. Oops, no Internet and it's too late to call anyone and the televsion doesn't turn on. So you will not hear from us until tomorrow or later.
    As the Chinese say, or was an American; who cares! "All's well that nearly ends well"

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