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Day One in Nanchang
(August 29, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     As new residents of Nanchang, as opposed tourists just passing through knowing that soon we would be going home, we are recognizing more and more the things that are clearly different from our Oregon home. One is the ability to use our dear friend the Macintosh laptop with whom we are so familiar and comfortable. Along the same lines, the differences in using the Internet for communicating. As a consequence that may be several days before I get these entries online and I may have to change tactics. There's nothing wrong with the technology; it's just that it's what we used ten years ago and as American technicians we've raised our expectations.
     By the end of this day of random walks and casual meetings we have received our teaching assignments. And a roster of six of our 18 classes. It appears as if we will be teaching the some of same classes and with about three preparations each. The number of students on the six rosters range from 34 to 59 with names in Chinese character and in some cases there are English names in English characters.
     We ate leftovers from the lunch yesterday and enjoying our apartment.

A note about Chinese walkabouts:
Actually there's nothing unique about Chinese walkabouts unless you're American with a beard and long hair. Gail seems to notice the stares more than I do, but uses the eye contact as a reason to say hello. Not that Gail needs an invitation to talk to someone. I think she's in Gail heaven, just chatting with all these new faces who typically pass each other in silence and don't understand most of what she's saying. Some love the opportunity to practice their English and all walk again giggling and for college boys that's a little unexpected.

     Skype is up and running and our Skype name is denvys. Three in the afternoon (Oregon time) is a great time if you want to say hi. Five or six in the morning (Oregon time) also works well for us.

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