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Kenny Gee, Water, Color and more Music
(September 20, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     It's 6:30PM. It's been an uneventful day, as intended, hanging out in the apartment, turning ACs on and off and we move from room to room to avoid the very hot, very muggy day. The phone rings as we're fixing supper. The welcome voice was Kan stating that he had acquired a car to take us to the evening water fountain show. So we finished supper and scurried to meet the car.
     The destination was new but we knew of the area, after we've been here 3 weeks, we've been downtown about as often and there are only 3.9 million people here. Why shouldn't we know the territory? After Kan let Yiqi and Us off at this riverfront park, we heard the mellow tones of Kenny G on the loud speakers. And then it happened! For the thrid time in as many cities, the music changes, the lights changed, and the people turned to stare as the water founatin started to dance.
     These shows are nightly, actually we saw two back to back here. They are gorgerous. They are breath-taking. The lights change colors.
The water shoots high into the sky in varying heights and in different patterns. Some spouts move spraying the water back and forth. One pair of spouts looked like a set of wings waving on a gentle giant bird. This fountain is designed with an area where viewers can intentionally get wet and at 90F at 9:00PM, it's not a bad idea.
     For a moment the music stops and the fountain lies quiet until the next song is put into play. I was just thinking what an attraction this would be for Monmouth.

     It's out to dinner with the international teachers tonight. Out into the heat of the night.

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