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Guilin, Day Two
(October 1, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     In yesterday's insert you read about our exciting visit to the hospital. After I was treated and felt human again, our Chinese traveling companions checked on the bus schedule which was unreasonable and short of space. So they negotiated a deal with a taxi driver to take us about 80 minutes for about 150 yuan (about $23). Almost immediately we saw our group who greeted us warmly.
     On a boat trip down the river, the Li River, I believe, a part of the Yanste system. I think they were expecting us and our 10,000 closer friends. The river was practically a traffice jam. The treat and reason for the ride was the views. On our return upriver, they pointed out that we were looking at the same view as seen on the 20 yuan bill. To prove it, twenty yuan bills came out of pockets and people stared at the landscape and the bill, comparing and matching.
     We don't have a clue where we are, it called ??? County. Apparently there's no name for the communities. However, they know a good thing when they see it. They have a street named West Street which is lined with merchants specifically designed to sell to Westerners. Hence the street name. Oh, yes, they got us also. But then how can you pass up a cute 5 yuan wristwatch. Of course, as super smart Westerners we forgot to buy a battery which was lacking and not mentioned by our vendor.
     I will continue to try to get time to add some pictures. Of course, that what you come for.

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