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Back in Oregon (for the moment)
(October 5, 2008) (return to Homepage)
     This journal will wane a bit as its intent is retelling memories in China, and we are not in China. To respond to your interest as to why we are prematurely in Oregon, I will write some notes about our health. Our health is not a very exciting story, but it is the reason we are not in China, so the progress is temporarily relevant.
     Denvy's first appointment with his doctor was a casual conversation as he said that the specialist would have to do the same poking and prodding later. He said the symptons were not consistent with an enlarged prostrate. The specialist set an appointment for Monday, but Denvy's body didn't wait. On Thursday Denvy spent the morning in the hospital to receive temporary relief until Monday. So Monday will be the next step.
     While Denvy was in ER, Gail had her appointment, discovering no skeletal problems but finding inflamed muscles. Probably contributing factors to her backache are standing for long periods of time in the classroom and a change of lifestyle from a waterbed in America to a very stiff bed in China, and from walking on wood and grass to always walking and standing on concrete. A rest in Oregon and some supportive medication should have her running again soon.

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