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    The page you're on viewing is the Home page for Gail Saxowsky, a registered nurse with her BSN and Masters in Public Health, her certification in the psychiatric specialty, and years experience with emergency medicine. You can email her at

    Crisis Intervention and its subtopics are for the Crisis Intervention class, a hybrid class using a combination of both online and classroom formats.

    One of Gail's primary responsibilities is to schedule and supervise the Paramedic students in hospital and nursing home settings.

    All EMT Basic and Paramedic students must maintain current CPR Provider certification. Classes are taught to coincide with the beginning of EMT Basic classes, and as needed.

    A CPR Instructor class is taught at least once a year for those who are interested in becoming instructors of CPR classes.

    Perodically Links to Helpful Internet sites will be included here for your use. Other links are also included in each of the other sections.

    More complete information about Gail's experience and background is available at the Resume link.
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