Gail Meredith Cameron Saxowsky

All should know that ...


... on October 10 over fifty years ago (1965) during Homecoming Weekend at Jamestown College Denvy's dad introduced Denvy to Gail for the first time.

That afternoon sophomore nurses received their caps during a Nurse Capping Ceremony. Denvy was responsible for supervising the reception that followed the ceremony. Denvy's dad and mother attended the ceremony because their daughter Avis was a sophomore nurse. Several first-year nurses were helping with the reception.

While waiting for Denvy to finish his responsibilities at the reception, Denvy's dad sat at a table in the cafeteria where several helpers were also waiting for the same reason.

When Denvy joined his dad he asked, "Do you know these young ladies?" He continued to introduce them including:

"This is Gail Cameron."

by Denvy Saxowsky