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We on our Way - December 2006 Katrina Recovery Team

approaching clouds      Many who have traveled to Mississippi during the past year continue to champion the cause of helping the many victims of the Katrina and Rita hurricanes. These persistent individuals along with others who have heard the stories and recognize the need to help are taking another trip, this time to Pearlington, Mississippi, to rebuild and build anew homes in mid December 2006.

     Gail and Denvy Saxowsky, who have served as leaders of several teams working in Mississippi, are spearheading efforts through Christ's Church in Monmouth, Oregon. On the evening of Friday, December 7 half the team will be boarding planes headed to New Orleans. The remaining half follow the next morning.

     This trip's team is 16 persons whose demographics include 11 college students and 5 adults old enough to be their parents, four males and 12 females. This team proudly includes one international student from China.

     The weather appears as if it will be quite pleasant while the team is in Pearlington with evening temperatures in the 40's, highs in the 70's and a possible rain shower sometime during the week.

     camp tentsThe team is staying in the Pearlington PDA camp, which provides the volunteers with hut-like shelters and cots. Since this will be the only team in camp during that week, the team will be preparing their own meals and cleaning their own showers.

     Work assigned by the camp manager will probably consist mostly of reconstruction including painting, sheetrocking, preparation for sheetrocking with possibly some plumbing and electrical work, roofing (typically single-story gentle-sloped roofs) and some cleanup. Some crews may also do some basic framing of new houses. Our camp manager will be Becca Weaver.

     Everyone in the team as they checked in during the final week before departure were in good spirits and good health. Typically each is very excited and looking forward to a grand adventure. Ground transportation is two rented 7-passenger mini-vans driven by the leaders. Most trips will be to the work sites with occasional trips to the store for supplies and around the area to view the damage and see the sights.

     If there is a family emergency family members may contact the team through the PDA camp (601-695-2035, Becca Weaver; or the team leaders (503-551-9525). One may also make contact through Christ's Church in Monmouth at 503-838-1724.

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Last updated December 8, 2006