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Much More Than A Learning Center

by Ruth Prevost

283 pages; black coil; catalogue #03-0578; ISBN 1-4120-0210-9; US$24.00, C$31.00, EUR21.00, 14.00

Presents a fun and educational method of setting up your classroom and activities to bring success to each and every student. Created by a teacher for teachers.

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About the Book

Written by an educator, Much More Than a Learning Center presents a fun and educational method for setting up your Kindergarten classroom and creating activities to bring success to each and every student. Described by one of her principals as a "beehive of activity", this exciting system was developed by the author and teacher, Ruth Prevost. The book begins by clearly explaining how to set up the room and how to easily arrange and mix the students each day so everyone has the occasion to work with each of their classmates. The students not only receive in-depth studies in all the basics, but they also have many opportunities to dig deeper into activities they enjoy. In the lessons, the author includes her personal experiences of living overseas, travels, and her love of science. The entire year is conveniently presented in a chart that can be used as your lesson plans for the year or you can use the system's flexibility to include your own experiences and needs. Each activity is explained in simple terms and is supported with clear detailed illustrations. This system gives the teacher more time to work with the students individually as well as in groups, and it allows the children to learn at their own rate in a non-threatening environment because they know the routine, are relaxed, and have fun while learning.

About the Author

Ruth Prevost is an enthusiastic educator and an avid believer in constant growth - both mentally and spiritually. Ruth has a BA degree with emphases in Sociology, Psychology and Education; and a Master of Oriental Medicine. She was raised on a dairy farm in North Dakota, has traveled all 50 states, has lived and worked in a number of states, and traveled much of the world. During the eight years she lived and taught in Saudi Arabia, Ruth had many wonderful opportunities to connect and socialize with people from other cultures. She incorporates these diverse experiences and memorable travels in her teaching and everyday life. She embraces the opportunities that allow her to connect with family and friends, and welcomes the lively discussions that come from meeting new people. Ruth has taught in public and private schools. She has helped others heal and grow through her acupuncture practice and as a treatment foster mother, park guide, museum family interpreter, firefighter, and EMT; but most of her special experiences come from being a mother of three remarkable children, Craig, Kevin and Laura. Ruth is currently living in the Southwest in a way that brings her much peace and joy - living outdoors. With her book, she hopes to share her love and excitement in teaching young children. She eagerly welcomes the opportunity to work with teachers or parents who want to enjoy being the facilitator in someone's young life. Ruth's son, Kevin Prevost, illustrated her book. With his creative mind and skilled fingers, he portrays the information with a very special clarity and sparkle.

Sample Excerpt

Chapter 1: Children, Learning Centers, and Teachers
Chapter 2: Mechanics Of The Centers
A. Setting Up The Room
B. Finding Names And Centers
C. System To Mix The Children
Chapter 3: Organizing Your Day With Learning Centers
Chapter 4: Curriculum Plans For The Centers
Chapter 5: Center "a"
Chapter 6: Center "e"
Chapter 7: Center "i"
Chapter 8: Center "o"
Chapter 9: Center "u"
Chapter 10: Materials And Activities To Put Into The Centers
Chapter 11: How To Involve The Parent
Chapter 12: Roll Call Ideas
Chapter 13: Discipline Ideas
Chapter 14: Recipes
Appendix A: Definitions
Appendix B: Me Book
Appendix C: Sample Work Sheets

The advantages of using this learning center system are numerous. The biggest plus is that it offers a place to experiment at ones' own speed and at ones' own level. There is no waiting for others to finish who are slower. There is no waiting for the teacher to give instructions for the next project. There is time to finish their project if others are faster.

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Prevost, Ruth, 1947-
	Much more than a learning center / Ruth Prevost.
ISBN 1-4120-0210-9
	1. Teaching.  I. Title.
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