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Garden Beds

Gail started her day by laying out her bandaging supplies on a table as one of the local ladies sat down with her bandaged hand in front of her. She had cut hand the day before we arrived while working in the kitchen. Dr Lace had originally bandaged her. The day before she had worked with a scratched eye and rebandaged another cut.

We met briefly to lay out the plans for the day. Soon boards were being cut with new sharp saws from America and everyone was looking for a job. The rope was stretched out and discussion revolved around how to make the knots and pull 50 meters of 1/2 inches hemp rope through each knot. Truly that was a challenge and a time consuming collaborative project.


On the other side of the yard true one-inch by 10-inch wet board were measured, cut and assembled into raised garden bed boxes by the locals and the team. By noon the beds were assembled with a plastic liner and awaiting directions as to where to put them.

The entire villahousege turned out for a housewarming of a new house built on the ridge. Unlike the thatched mud huts, this house was made of conrete blocks with a metal roof. It looked like a smceremonyall but modern home even as may be found in America. Individuals gathered in small family groups across the hillside. Our family was our team and members of Gladness' family who brought a open-fire cooked hunk of beef on a stick. Gladness' brother sat in the middle of the circle slicing off slivers of meat and handing them to each of us. After the beef was gone, a chunk of goat ribs was shared around.

Off to one side a was a ring of women singing and dancing. When we arrived the women of the team were escorted into the middle to ring to join the jumping and shoulder wagging. After a couple hours the team returned to their quarters for a evening swingmeal, card playing and falling asleep to the drone of the generator and the blaze of dance music from the CD player.

There's been no access to the Internet essentially for the past week so everyone was invited to write an email on our computer. Then I was loaned a 3G USB Internet connection for my computer and James guided me as we drove to the top of the ridge to get a clear shot at a cell phone tower. Several emails did go out but not all. But I can say that I have driven on another continent.