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Hot Springs

Thursday, it is! I say this just to orient myself to the time of the week, and past events.

Gladness showed us the location for the swing and slingswing play equipmentand the holes starteboringd to appear. The third garden beds was drawn, cut and assembled. The three beds were lined with plastic and relocated to their permanent homes. The swing set was assembled, placed in the holes after some locals chipped away at the stones with a huge chisel and hammer. The stones crumbled into smaller pieces quite easily.


Another local with shovel on a old ruin of a concrete pad, probably from an olderbuilding, mixed the cement, sand and water. With 5-gallon buckets the mud was carried to and dumped into the holes. After a little tamping of the mud the project stood finished waiting for the mud to dry.

Lunch, pack ourselves into the two vehicles and oflunchf to the hot springs was the order of the afternoon. An Anglican priest who added a unique dimension to the team, Gladness' brother who had one bad eye and a friend of the priest and brother joined the older members of the team in the Land Rover which under Gladness' guidance temporarily bypassed the swimming hole to view the spring and water pump that pushs the spring water some 19 kilomters up to Lengasti as the source of water for the livestock and community. A sign very clearly indicating that this system was a gift from America.

The swimming hole was crystal clear with lust vegetation all around, big trees with over spreading branches. In the water were a couple dozen bathersswimming including our team, some of the locals with whom we've been working and a handful of other foreigners working on other service projects in the area. Features of the spring included little fish who nibbled on one's feet, a rope swing for quick and dramatic entires, a rock ledge for waders and a underwater trswimmingee branch to use as a swing board. One of the locals playfully baptisted team members as they entered the pool to assure that everyone's head got wet. It was believed that this swim was scheduled at the end of the week so that the Americans could feel clean as they headed back to Arusha. While it wasn't a shower at home, the warm clear swim was awesome.