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One hour and 20 minutes ahead of the schedule we arrived at Dulles. Everyone chapped as the wheels softly touched US soil. Either they were appreciative of the smooth landing, happy to be in America or estatic to be on earth after 17 hours in the air.

Entering America from a foreign country is never easy andwashington monument this was no exception: disembark the plane; board a huge people mover to the main international terminal; see the custom agent with your passport, visa and international travel card; gather your luggage; have your international travel card checked and since ours said that were were among farm animals we went through a special agricultural inspection (some shoes weresprayed with a disinfective and placed in plastic bags); board a shuttle to the car rental and over two hours later finish the paperwork for the car and head into DC. Stephanie and Kat parted paths with us as the headed for a shuttle to get them to the Baltimore/Washington International airport to try to get a stand-by status so they didn't have to wait until their 6:00PM flight.

A bit drivelincoln memorial down Constitutional Avenue up to the capitol and back down Independence Avenue to the World War II Memorial was the first part of our self-directed tour. While all but Gail and I jumped out of the seven-passenger van at the WWII Memorial, we went tofind a parking spot near the Tidal Pond. Ashely and Emily headed for the Holocaust Museum while the others wondered around the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial. The skies were clear and bright blue with small scattered white fluffy clouds making a great background for the Washinton Monument pictures framed with the lush green trees and Tanzania for the most part didn't have. The temperature in the rental verified and justified our feeling hot in this 94˚F environment.

About 2:00PM we grabbed some sandwiches and headed the rental back to the airport. Moments later we were victims of the famous "Hurry up and wait" syndrone.

The beautiful warm, almost hot morning, turned to thunderstorms as we waited at the airport to the point that flights were postponed waiting for the ramp to be safe from lightning. Hence we arrived at PDX at 11:30 and no one to meet us because of the confusing flight times. A call to Bob Main and he met us at the airport at 1:30AM and we were home by 3:00. An awesome experience.