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Day 4 Computer Classes - Packing Day

The power came on around midnight so about every two hours I got up to change batteries and chargers so that everything was fully charged for the remainder of the trip.

At the computer room the generator continued to kick out and was restarted again and again. Finally I opened the Mac laptop and had the students look over my shoulder as I explained Excel spreadsheets. Sample one was just a list of names, addresses and birthdays; the second was an inventory with quantity, cost, price and profit including total profits; the third was a balance sheet with dates, items, cost or income, and balance. Because I did this on the Macbook the mouse was a pad and another experience as each student took their turn adding a line item with something they would like to buy.

One observation we made was that these students, typically late teens to early twenties, seem very loving and relate to us as dear friends. After the first day each would give us a hug as we came together. This we don't expect in America and especially from homeless or street children who typically have a less than pleasant past.

After class each team member wrote an entry for the trip blog at denvygail.blogspot.com. Then an ice cream treat and back to the plantation to dress up for an evening at ViaVia, a disco club, with Adve and her friend Pat. Reports in the morning indicated that everyone had a great time dancing and enjoying the environment.