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Again electric power is an issue but in this cgroup 1group 2ase a positive one as the electric grid was up and working. Denvy spent time with the second group demonstrating Excel which he had done with the first group the day before. Along with helping the students with their Facebooks and emails were many hugs and thanks exchanged among everyone.


The ride to the Ngorongoro Crater for our safari would meet us at 2:00PM as we ate our rice and beans and headed back to the plantation. We also stocked up on water on the way home.

A moments after 2:00, the team and two members of OFF, Samuel and Jane, were comfortably seated in the safari Land Rovers along with our drivers Alfred and Aziz. After one stop for more souvenirs, mostly carvings and paintings of animals and Maasai women, we arrived near the top of the crater's ridge for our overnight. The driver said two things: breakfast at 6:00AM and there's where you will eat pointing to a long table under a roof with no walls.

Our rooms were good sized tents with cots antentd bedding. Hot water for showers was provided from an open fire and the bathroom, showers and toilets were quite open to the edge of modesty. As evening set in and the evening meal was served the darkening dusk wasbroken by electric lights in many of the trees around the tents.

We were invited to some evening entertainment which was a group of locals who sang songs, quite different from the Maasais', and did a small skit about several men trying to gain the hand of a single woman. In the dark the sounds of dogs barking send us to sleep.