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Home Bound

After a week of trying to be in the classroom at 8:00AM after getting up and breakfasting, an 8:00AM breakfast felt late. Dr Lace in the Land Cruiser and a driver in Gosbert's car showed up an hour early. Adve thought we were going to her church at 9:00. We were planning to go to an interdenominational church at 10:30. It was rather typical trying to herd cats.

Good-byes were emotional, Adve, her friend Pat (an Indian born and raised in Tanzania living in England) and Adve's husband James, with promises to meet again either here or there. We tipped the dish washer as was asked of us but apparently I didn't use the proper or expected process, so as I left I just gave James a couple bills and he promised to take care of things.

The Lutheran hospital complex wasn't hard to find as we walked by it everyday on the way to the clinic with Dr Lace. The guard at the gate used a convex mirror on a pole to view the under side of the vehicles. We parked, did a couple turn abouts to orient ourselves and walked up the stairs to the builidng with the cross on top knowing we were about an hour early.. Edmond greeted us and ushered us into a classroom where we doubled the number of participants. We took turns reading verses from the story of Jacob being given the name Israel, Psalm 17, Romans 3 and John 3. By the time we got to the sancutary, it was nearly full with a couple hundred mostly white folks seemingly from all parts of the world. A band of little girls entered sining Syahumba in English. The leader seemed to be a lay person; the service was mostly singing led by two guitar and a lady of unfamiliar songs. The now wife of the lay leader and former Lutheran nun did a humorous, delightful and meaningful puppet about a camel who pretended to be something other than what we was. The point was that you can't pretend to be a Christian, you need to be one.

At 11:30 we slipped out to make certain we stayed on task. We stopped at Rotterdam restaurant, which we discovered was the same one as a week earlier and filled up on a buffet for about 5000 shillings ($3.40) each.

At the airport no one was at the Ethopian Airlines counter so we took our position as first in line. Check-in was smooth with one checked bag for each except for me; I had a bag of gifts and extra stuff for the team. The aiport is very small with an outside staircase to enter the plane. We left on time and arrived in Addis Ababa minutes early. After a three hour layover we were on the final plane to reach America. At about midnight Arusha time, after an hour long reflueling stop in Rome,the horizon started to glow and the sun rose as we crossed the the western coast of France. The beginning of our final day away from home. The British Isles were fogged over.

This day had the longest sunrise of my life as the sun broke over the horizon in France and as the plane proceeded west at about the same speed as the sun, by the time we arrived in DC hours later the sun was still just barely over the horizon.