Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Eighteen - 1987



Inexpensive State Land - Like Homesteading

     The State of Alaska to promote the distribution of public lands into the hands of tax paying citizens, offered a program whereby a resident could stake from 5 to 40 acres of land and lease it for very little until the lessor had the land surveyed and then they could buy it for a very low price.
     About the time Denvy and Gail got married, he staked 5 acres just off the Deska River, a prime king salmon fishing river, accessible only by plane and riverboat. About the time they moved to Trapper Creek, Denvy flew in to the site in the winter to survey the land. To help finance the low income family in Trapper Creek, they sold the land to a salesman at the building supply business.
     In the early '80's the state made a similar offer and Gail staked some thirty-five arces, on a small creek about a mile in from the road. The view of Mt Denali was awesome and the location was secluded with a swamp on the northwest corner offering that view, the creek on the east and about 30 high and dry arces in between. A pond in the swamp was great for skinny dipping.

Others Did Likewise

     The Nielsens with their two infant sons also staked land, as well as hundreds of other Alaskans. Nielsens chose to build and live on their land which involved carrying all the building supplies and homehold items in on foot. Although through the winter, a snow mobile and sled did most of the work.
     On the trips in Gail and Denvy enjoyed naps and gathering (and eating) blueberries with a view of Mt Denali.


     On inspiration that came out of the trip to Europe, especially the Bristish Isles, was to start a Bed and Breakfast to continue to supplement the cash flow. Denvy and Darron had built a small A-frame out back behind the house as a way of creating a little "get away" from the toy customers and as a learning experience for Darron. This was perfect, with some slight upgrades, site for guests in a rustic setting. The old "outhouse" was moved in and a new toilet seat was made.
     A second construction for Darron and Denvy was to build a rental house on some property near the Methodist church. When Denvy and Gail returned from Europe, a tenant was asking when they could move in and so a priority was put on the construction and the rental was in use.

A Bit of Jovality

     While Saxowskys were traveling around the states in '81, some of their friends started Denali Drama, a group whose purpose was to present amateur theater in the area. Denvy took a role in several but the final was as Garcon in "No Exit." It was one man's impression of hell: essentially living forever in a room with no outside connection with two incompatible roommates.
     Denvy did better as a toymaker and firewood splitter than an actor.