Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty - 1989



Halfway to Forty

     Gail and Denvy often said that marriage vows that said "forever" seemed a bit extreme, after all forever is a very long time. They agreed that seventy five years was more reasonable for mortals with the understanding that the vows could be renewed for another 75 years at that time. At twenty years, halfway to the forty years and about a quarter-way to the "renewal option" the chances of renewal look very good.

Volunteer of the Year

     Governor Steve of Alaska prompted the recognition of eight outstanding volunteers in the state. The idea was that this would be annual but it didn't work out that way. However, in the year that the eight volunteers were recognized, Gail was chosen to be one and received a poster and a dinner with the governor. The project was called Eight Stars of Gold, representing the eight stars on the Alaska flag and the eight stars in the big dipper constellation.
     Several years earlier a similar recognition under governor Sheffied included Denvy as Volunteer of the Year. While the recognition was pleasant and even exciting it was the results of being involved in community that was the true reward. The reception for Denvy was at the governor's home in Anchorage and the unique exciting feature was that several guests were invited with Denvy and so the kids were there and played pool with some of the other guests who included people like the governor and the president of the bank in Anchorage. The kids were impressed, probably by how ordinary important people can be no matter how important they were considered.