Gail and Denvy
45 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-One - 1990



     (Webmaster's note: In a perfect all things would proceed as planned, as hoped for in dreams. In the real world, we grow from our experiences and challenges. This week we have attended a great friend's funeral, visited a four-day old baby, consulted in a divorce and planned for a wedding. And finished off the term.)

Darron's in College

     After graduation from Susitna Valley High School, Darron headed to Jamestown College for a year. Darron's graduation coincided with Gail's completion of her Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University, a program that came to Alaska and the Northwest so Gail has never been to the campus.
     Darron learned a lot that year including that college was not for him. The next fall he and a friend tried the southern California experience looking for a job, but the social environment was not for him either. He took odd jobs in Anchorage until he went for heavy equipment training through the Jobs Corps in Washington.