Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-Two - 1991



Marc's in Germany

     The Iron Curtain fell while Marc was planning his third year of high school in Germany. The first evening in Germany he called to say that his host family was not available so he was staying with his 20-year sponsor and her 16-year old sister while their parents were on vacation. While Denvy was on the phone with Marc two young men from the same German village where Marc was came to the door and asked for a room in the B&B. Small world!
     During the spring of Marc's term in Germany, Denvy, Darron and a classmate and friend of Marc visited Marc in Germany. The trip coincided with the first meeting of Darron's biological mother, Joan, at a McDonalds. Gail and Becky countered their absence in Germany with a trip to Hawaii.
     During the same year, a German high school student, lived with Denvy and Gail in Trapper Creek. The lifestyle was very different for Sabina and she struggled with some of the missing accommodations. She traveled with the family to Glacier National Park where Gail lounged in the meadow and North Dakota for a family reunion just before she returned home to Germany.

Routine is Maturing

     So many things are new and unique when one is adventuring into an new lifestyle and community. After fourteen years, the annual cycle was stabilizing. Only the major bazaars and fairs were visited throughout the year. The bulk food grocery business was flowing smoothly. A new dog entered the family: Joni, a sheltie. Blackie, the large, scruffy Newfoundland/Saint Bernard mixture was showing signs of his 14 years of age, but continued to impersonate a black bear for tourists but serve as gentle mother to even a clutch of baby chicks when the mother hen was killed.
     There were no new organizations to start and most of the older events were moving forward with new leadership. Gail was training EMT's and ETT's in the area. Denvy had run for the office of borough assemblymen and lost to the former, well-liked, borough mayor. Becky was excelling in basketball, volleyball and the hurdles. Her eyes also turned to boys and her cat that cuddled with Joni.