Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-Three - 1992



Move to JC

     Gail's mother had had a slight shock years years before but in the spring of 1992, it was decided that moving to a retirement home would be best for her. Gail asked Denvy if he could find a job in North Dakota by fall. He did, as the first director of student activities at their Alma Mater, Jamestown College. Becky and Denvy drove the pickup with a trailer full of household goods and tools to Jamestown so Becky could start basketball practice for her junior year in high school. Gail and Marc followed a week later taking Marc to Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon to start his freshman year.

Getting Settled

     Denvy and Becky found an old "fixer-up" house which Gail repainted and refreshed while Becky tried to adjust to her new school and Denvy tried to figure out what his job description might be. After several months Gail became a clinical instructor for the University of North Dakota which had its psychiatric experience at the state hospital in Jamestown.