Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-Four - 1993



Jamestown College

     Denvy and Gail found an addition to their family: the students at Jamestwon College. The job was delightful as Denvy guided student groups through the planning and execution of their recreational activities. There were dances, concerts, competitions, and a night club. There were events like Homecoming and Family Weekend, and special events such as the formal dinner/dance with a horse drawn carriage.


Family Events

     Truly one major advantage of being in North Dakota near their roots and family, was the opportunity to spend time with the family. There was the weekend drive to Ohio to meet the Saxowski clan which stemmed from a Saxowski who migrated from Germany and settled in Ohio about a hundred years earlier. No boys survived in the family and so the name Saxowski or Saxowsky wasn't even present.
     There was the Thanksgiving dinner in Jamestown which was cancelled because of wintry weather. There was the trip to southeast South Dakota with Denvy's mother to tour her grandparents "still standing" original sod house. There was the trip to South Dakota for a niece's wedding reception. Becky graduated from high school and moved into an apartment to start her life as an independent.