Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-Six - 1995




     As the Saxowskys were returning home from Europe, Gail received a message that her mother was not doing well, but she didn't want to go to the hospital until Gail got home. During the next month Gail drove the hundred miles from Jamestown to Fargo at least once a week. In the middle of February Ellen died peacefully as she rested and Gail, Marilyn, Gail's sister and Denvy sat in attendance. Marc spent his 21st birthday at his grandmother's funeral.

Go West

     The reason for moving to North Dakota was to be there to care for Gail's mother. They did that. Denvy made no promises to stay at Jamestown College for a long time but he did promise three years and three years were up. It was time to move on. Oregon was the target destination.
     Job applications were out and interview trips were taken. Gail got the first offer and with Marc found a mobile home with garage and barn in the foothills of the coastal range. On July 3 Denvy and Gail arrived in Independence, Oregon, with Denvy's mother, who was along just for the ride, a rental moving van, the car in tow and the pickup with the trailer. Becky stayed in Jamestown. On the fourth, they watched the famous Monmouth Fourth of July parade, the mini-marathon which included their realtor, and ate homemade ice cream at the park.

Settling In

     During the summer before Gail started her job as clinical instructor for the paramedic program at Chemeketa Community College, they gathered some supplies for their new home and started sprucing up the yard, which they considered Eden: fruit trees, garden, flowers, lawn, mature Douglas fir and white oak, a pond and a swamp. Denvy flew to Alaska, rented a moving van and gathered the last of their possessions in Trapper Creek.
     That fall Denvy received a phone call from the Homecoming committee inviting him to come for Homecoming because they were going to dedicate Homecoming to him. So Gail and Denvy jumped in the car, drove for 26 hours, spent most of Saturday at the college and drove back so Gail could be at work on Monday.