Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Twenty-Eight - 1997



Moving In

     It was September and Gail asked the building inspector what needed to be complete in order for him to allow them to move into the house under construction. Exterior doors and doors on the bathroom, was the answer. So the doors were hung and they started emptying the trailer house which was close enough that they could put a plank from one building to the next. They considered themselves moved in.

Mission Trips Started

     Gail and Denvy found the church they attended because it had a miniature house advertising Habitat for Humanity in the front yard. Gail called the church and asked, what can we do for you? One of the activities was to work with the youth group. The group was curious about Alaska and the stories were spun to be exciting so they group asked if they could take a mission trip to Alaska. So in June '97 Gail and Denvy led their first mission trip during which they conducted vacation Bible school in Wasilla and cleaned up houses and yards after a major forest fire in the area. On their 28th wedding anniversary they were having supper with a group of about a dozen youth and adults in the roadhouse in Talkeetna, just miles from where they lived for 15 years.
     Mission trips is another series of stories all in their own.