Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Minus Two - 1967



First Sight, but Love?

     It was fall 1965. Denvy was a senior at Jamestown College. Gail was a freshman planning to be a nurse. Avis, Denvy's sister, was a sophomore nursing student.
     Sophomore nurses received their nursing caps in a capping ceremony involving family, faculty and underclassmen students. A reception followed the ceremony. Denvy's job that year was to host receptions like this one. As a freshman nurse, Gail was a server. Avis received her cap and her parents were present.
     As the reception wound down and the only real remaining task for the workers was to cleanup, they sat behind the scenes chatting and waiting. Denvy's parents too were waiting for Denvy to finish his responsibilities and found the same tables behind the scenes.
     Being a friendly fellow, Denvy's father started chatting with the workers which included Gail. When Denvy joined them, his father said. "Do you know these young ladies?"
     Of course, Denvy knew them as incidental workers but otherwise, no! "This is Gail Cameron," he continued. He may have added something more indicating that Denvy should get to know them better. Denvy considered it a polite maneuver and left it at that. At least he now he knew her name.

Spring Dance

     Come spring there was a dance. Typically each of the four sororities would sponsor a dance. It was not uncommon for girls to invite boys to these dances. Gail invited Denvy and it's been memorialized in Denvy and Gail's minds and in a picture in the college yearbook.

The Only Date

     Later in spring was Denvy's birthday and his two sisters, Avis and Ruth, both attending Jamestown College also, invited Denvy to a movie. They each had a date and encouraged Denvy to have one too, or be embarrassed. Denvy invited Gail but before the date her uncle or mother's cousin died and she had to attend the funeral on the same day. Arrangements were made to pick her up after the funeral and then go to the movie.
     The date wasn't routine. Denvy was in the process of buying his first life insurance but having taken flying lessons and having soloed, according to the laws of the different states, he either had to pay extra in North Dakota, although he didn't intend to fly any more, or sign the policy in Minnesota where he could waive coverage while flying. So the date was scheduled to be in Moorhead, Minnesota, in conjunction with signing the policy.
     This date was the only date where Denvy and his two sisters "triple dated." All the dates were casual although Ruth had been connected to Tom for most of the year. Gary and Avis had had several dates. Ironically, despite the causal nature of the date, all three married their dates.