Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Thirty-One - 2000




     It was mid October when Gail flew to North Dakota as Becky gave birth to Denvy and Gail's first grandchild, Payton Rose. All went well and Gail returned to work in Oregon. Becky was to return to work in December so after the fall term was complete Denvy flew to North Dakota arriving Sunday. Monday morning Becky went to work with Denvy and a sleeping baby to share the day. When Payton awoke, Denvy fixed her first bottle with some concern about how Payton would take the bottle. Well, Payton was good to grandpa as she took the bottle and quietly took her first look at grandpa.
     Days later after Gail finished her term she joined the group in North Dakota for Payton's baptism.

Becky and Adam

     When Becky went on an outing with her parents during one of their trips to the Midwest, a friend stopped by her appartment and cleaned the place and also did her dishes. He, Adam Roehrich, a railroad worker, hunter and fiherman, was a "keeper." Months later they moved in together and shorthly after that they followed his work to Mandan. During the winter of 2000, after it was declared that all computers would not fall apart at the turn of the century, they married. Another couple months later they bought the house across the alley from the church where they were married.