Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Thirty-Eight - 2007



The Family Grows

     While it would be another year before the fourth grandchild would increase the size of the family, Saxowsky's family grew greatly at this time in their lives. Not only in numbers did the family grow, but in concept. Membership in the family went far beyond being born to another member of the family or signing a document completing an adoption or marrying an existing member. It was a matter of developing a close relationship and using the titles Baba and Mama which were the words for father and mother in both Chinese and Arabic.
     Working side by side for 24 hours for seven days straight in less than comfortable conditions also developed close relationships especially with college students. So every year during spring and winter break the family would grow by another dozen or so. With the warm spot in their hearts, Gail and Denvy had children throughout the world: China, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe and all over the United States. And weddings and grandchildren.
     Life is grand! What more could one want beyond a happy family.

Immediate Family at Christmas