Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Four - 1973



Another House

     The next phase of the evolution of buying and developing land, and building a house for retail, was to build a house for themselves. Living with Ed and Martha Keener was such a pleasant experience, Denvy, Gail and the Keeners decided to design and build another duplex with some common interrelated features but unique floor plans on each side. Somewhere in the middle of 1972, the idea became a hole in the ground followed by a footing and concrete blocks.
     Through the course of fall, the floor and walls went up. Around Christmas some two feet of snow had to be removed from the floor before work could resume. Denvy and Gail planned a week in Hawaii in January but chose to build on the house instead. The week started at about 20-30 degrees above zero which was easy to work in. The week ended at about 20-30 below zero which was a challenge to work in as boards would split when a nail punctured them. However the roof frame was in place.

River Running the Yukon

     Two of the original riverboats remained, one owned by Denvy and Gail and one owned by the Keeners. A third one had just been sold in the spring of '73 with the condition that it could be borrowed back for a week during the summer. The two families, along with Ed's father and mother, brother, nephew and aunt and uncle planned a trip on the Yukon from Circle, Alaska across the Canadian to Dawson City in the middle of the gold rush country, the Klondike.
      The trip started with a trek in pickups with three riverboats, the Gruman canoe, four outboard motors and some eleven passengers. The journey upstream took two days with an overnight on a river bar to avoid mosquitoes and stops along the way to explore the remnants of miner's and trapper's cabins on the banks of the Yukon.
      At Dawson City, the small band set up camp across the Yukon from the town. It aroused quite a curosity in in town as they heard when touring the town. The tour included riverboats, gold fields, a variety show, readings at Jack London's and Robert Service's cabins. After some three days the group headed downstream and home.


     With a continued dream to raise a family, Gail and Denvy applied to the state to adopt a second child. In September they received a phone call asking them if they wanted to visit Ketchikan and see if they wanted to adopt a one month old Tshimpian Indain baby girl. Denvy replied with something like: "What might we see in a one-month old that would help us to make a decision whether or not we should adopt this child?" Gail flew the next day and returned that evening with a baby in her arms. There was a scheduled church meeting that evening and Taanya Rhea made her debut in Anchorage as a Saxowsky.