Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Forty-Four - 2013



The House in the Hill

     Finally after many years Denvy and Gail finally took the time to drive to Arizona to visit Ruth in her house made of old tires and built into the side of a hill. Along the way they visited Snowbirds from Oregon, Gail's sister, Darron's birth mother, friends from Alaska, Denvy's cousins whom he had not seen in 50 years and Gail's brother Kenny who was celebrating his 80th birthday.
     The house located just a short distance from ruins and artifacts of a Native America village is surrounded by short desert juniper with expansive views of sunrises and sunsets. Inside it's cozy and comfortable. Outside the birds and varmints enjoy their meals before the human admirers.


     The challenge of the summer was to paint the exterior of the house, a new first time anyaexperience because Denvy and Gail never anywhere long enough to paint a house a second time, only the inital coat. A part of the challenge was the back of the house which rises some 24 feet above the group. The goal was mid-August but the job was complete by August 1.
     Throughout the summer and fall, pictures of ultra-sounds, a growing belly and a glowing mother-to-be routinely came via email. On November 30 Anyana "Anya" was born to Weiwei and Rob Troyer.