Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Five - 1974



The First Birth

     About this same time, the duplex that Denvy and Gail were building was at the stage of painting and wallpapering. One wall in the living room with a fireplace rose to a height of about sixteen feet. One Friday they hung the paper over the fireplace climbing up and down on the ladder. The next morning baby number three decided to enter the world. Martha took Darron and Taanya under her wing as Denvy and Gail went to the hospital awaiting the birth of Marc. After several hours in the hospital, Marc Dmitri did enter the world. A couple days later, Denvy and Gail attended church with their growing family.

Moving into the House

     On the main floor was the kitchen and dining room. Off the kitchen was a large pantry. Cabinets were handmade and inside the cupboards over the built-in oven was hand carved: Denvy loves Gail. The adjacent half bath was designed so that anyone who used the room could write on the wall. The living room with its lofty ceiling had a raised dance floor, a massive stone fireplace and an alcove wall painted by throwing blown-out eggs with brillant colors at it. Sometime late in the summer of 1974, the Saxowskys moved into a nearly finished house.

Anniversary Five

     By the time Denvy and Gail were married five years on June 21st they had experienced the growth of two more children and a new house. Hopefully this is not a trend.

Yukon Pictures

     Here is an additional picture from the group with the riverboats on the Yukon. Also the list of persons in the group should definitely include Gail's sister, Betty's daughter, Kathleen Chase.