Gail and Denvy
50 Years and Counting
Year Fifty - 2019



Costa Rica

     We chose Costa Rica for this year's getaway. It's a new location for us, it's warm in a time when Oregon is cool, it's full of nature and it feels safe. Our first night was a transition site, a hotel in San Jose after a full day of flying and before adventuring into a country with no addresses and few route indicators.
     The next four days were in a B and B at five minute walk from the Caribean and a thirty minute drive from Panama, a place called Cahuita. We tasted their cuisine, walked their walk and enjoyed a few new critters and birds in a variety of vegetation. The sloths, primarily in the rescue center, were slow, the monkeys and raccoons weren't bashful and the birds were colorful but without the desire, the skills and the binoculars were weren't any competition for the birders.
     We thought the drive to the interior and volcanoes, they boast a hundred in their country, would be quicker than the first day but we were wrong. The next couple of overnights were in a treehouse, actually on steel stilts but with a great view, surrounded by manmade pools and spas. Sitting in the hot tub at 6 in the morning, listening to and watching the howler monkey and squalking parrots was restful, relaxing and downright peaceful.
     In the interior we took a tram ride a short distance up and down the volcano through the tops of the jungle. We did watch others take the zipline down to the starting point. Some reported it was fun; others said they were scared. After an afternoon of winding through the countryside, a repose in a San Jose hotel, we flew home full of new energy.

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