Gail and Denvy
Almost 50 Years and Counting
Year Eight- 1977



The Big Big Move

     Every new year was built on the past years. During the adventure on the Yukon Denvy and Gail experienced the general store in Circle. This store had a little of about every basic thing that one might need in remote Alaska. One day there was a classified ad to sell that general store. The idea was too intriguing to pass up. They called about it but it had been sold. However the idea remained.
     The idea lived on was that they could operate a small business in remote Alaska. A weekend trip led them past a remote log cabin along the remote gravel road that served as a grocery store. It stood only steps from a great salmon fishing site and there was a garage in the back of the lot. In front stood a sign stating that the place was for sale. The idea was growing and an offer was made. Further analysis showed that this was not a good move, but the process spawned thoughts that they could start a business from scratch based on their toy making interest.
     Virtually hand in hand they walked up to the door of another log cabin with a for sale sign. The vacant lot next door was for sale. In early June they contracted for a foundation and installed an experimental wood foundation over which they built a modest house with double walls and a wood stove. By July Gail had quit her job and Denvy officially quit in September. They were jobless. They entered winter with plastic visqueen over the windows and blankets over the doors. But they were home and their professional careers and the rat race were behind them. Yet, they drove up and down the highway gathering wood in the ditch to heat the house.

Toy Mill

     In the back room of the house they set up the band saw. In the master bedroom the sewing machine was set up. There was no phone and for months no electricity except for a very long cord from the neighbors. A set of shelves were set up in the living room and toys were displayed for the neighbors who came by as a curiosity rather than in interest in toys. The challenge of survival lay ahead of them but it was their dream.